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Electronic Cigarette--A Way to Healthy Living

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 11:57 AM

The adverse effects of cigarette smoking have been narrated over the years all over the world. Many restrictions to smoking and warnings of health consequences have made little or no effect on smokers. That is mainly due to the absence of alternative to cigarette smoking. But, today we have a solution to curb this habit through a magical device, the electronic cigarette.

This smoke-free device is basically an electronic device that resembles the traditional tobacco cigarette; they perform the same act of tobacco smoking by producing vapors that contain nicotine in lesser amount. This equipment provides the same sensation of a real cigarette devoid of any side effects like tar, smoke, and hazardous chemicals.

The e-cigarette produces vapor in aerosolized form to give the same sensation and appearance of a real cigarette and helps curb the urge for smoking. The heat or ultrasonic rays produced by the atomizer or the heating element vaporizes the aerosol liquid which contains propylene glycol or glycerin and nicotine base into mist.

The basic purpose of an e-cig is it is the best smoking cessation device that very closely resembles the tobacco cigarettes. This self-contained cylindrical device resembles a pen or a real cigarette. But the sizes vary based on the capacity of the battery. The device contains an atomizer, a rechargeable battery and the e-liquid cartridges. They are reusable and replaceable. The e-cigs come in many different sizes and some bear the resemblance of cigars and pipes too.

The significant features of this smoking cessation device is it does not produce smoke, tar, bad smell or bad breathe, and it is free of hazardous substances that are found in a real cigarette. It also provides complete satisfaction to the smokers; hence, it helps quit smoking. Moreover, you can carry it freely as there is no judicial restriction for this magical device in any public places like shopping malls, railway stations, or even airports. E-cigs can be easily replaceable and rechargeable, so you can save a significant amount of money on smoking.

The advantages of electronic cigarettes have replaced the real tobacco cigarettes on the market shelves. The increased responsiveness of nicotine adversities and increasing legal detentions to traditional tobacco cigarettes has increased the demands of e-cigs globally. More and more people, who are very conscious about their health are now finding this smoking alternative helpful.  So choose this best way and buy e-cigarettes to enjoy smokeless smoking. You can find a wide range of e-cig retailers online who sell electronic cigarettes at a considerable rate.

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